At Nexia Eurostatus, we share common values, culture and the commitment to the highest principles of personal and professional conduct.

  • Lead By Example

     We act in a way to exemplify what we expect of ourselves, our personnel and our clients

  • Working Together

     A permanent team headed by a partner and meetings with the client ensures high-quality and efficient services. Rotation of the audit partner is carefully monitored to meet compliance with the law and audit quality with minimum impact to the client’s business. We work closely together with the clients creating strong and successful working relationships. This helps us understand their business, identify problems and deal with them at an early stage. Moreover, our managers and partners work closely with their staff in order to communicate their experience and knowledge to the young.

  • Respect the individual

     We respect the different views and personalities among our personnel and our clients, as we consider that the company, the individuals and the working teams benefit from this exchange of ideas, knowledge, skills and expertise. 

  • Value for Money

     Our philosophy is to give our clients value for money and ensure our work or advice pays for itself where possible.   

  • Effective Services

     We believe in providing the clients with a tailor made service which focuses on their needs and taking into account the personal circumstances and preferences. We are open and honest in our communications, so you can provide insight, constructive advice in managing though situations. Above all, we act with integrity, in order always to uphold the highest professional standards.